Pick-up point open weekdays 12-18

Shipping to United States starts from None for letters and € 27.95 for parcels.

Retrogametycoon has just started its journey in the first level in the world of retro games, which unfortunately means that we currently have no vacancies available. However, you can send us an open job application. Based on that, we will contact you if we need additional reinforcements.

Retrogametycoon specializes in used old video games and consoles. Our operations are mainly e-commerce operations. The work can be hectic, and knowledge of old retro games and knowledge of e-commerce operations are required.

Our operations include making products, shelving games and packing shipments. We appreciate an employee's knowledge of the gaming industry in terms of old and new games.

A free-form application can be sent to info@retrogametycoon.com

For the application, you need the following information:

  • Name and contact information

  • Your hobbies

  • How well do you know old and new video games?

  • Why would we choose you to join us?