Pick-up point open weekdays 12-18

Shipping to United States starts from None for letters and € 27.95 for parcels.


Retrogametycoon is Finland’s largest online store for hobbyists specializing in used old retro games and retro game consoles. In our selection you will find games for the 80s 8-bit Nintendo up to the latest Playstation and everything in between!


We also have a comprehensive selection of game consoles and accessories to complete your collection.


Our warehouse and pickup point are located in West Pasila at Pasilan Puistotie 8.


The company is managed and owned by Pekka Lepistö and Aarne Halén, Hannu Vallin and Juho Sahiluoto, known from Poromagia.


Retrogametycoon’s staff members are long-time retro game enthusiasts and want to maintain the collecting and hobby culture of old retro games with their activities.


We strive to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience. To ensure quality, we clean, test and photograph all of our products for sale.






CEO Pekka is responsible for Retrogametycoon’s policies. In addition with all the paperwork, he searches the world for retro game treasures to round out our selection. On the weekends, you might find Pekka riding a bike on country roads, playing Magic the Gathering card game, or playing old NES games on the couch.




You will come across Samuli on our social media platforms and at the register of our pick-up point. As a multi-talented person, Samuli also manages the shipments of our online store and handles other daily routines. Samuli has devoted himself to video games since he was a child and follows the video game industry with an eagle eye. Samuli also cooks the tastiest vegetable curries in southern Finland.


Why buy from us?

  • Finland’s largest selection of retro games and consoles
  • All products are cleaned and tested to work
  • Genuine product images
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • International shipping available
  • Super fast worldwide shipping available via DHL Express
  • Pick-up orders available immediately on weekdays from our pick up point in Helsinki (Pasilan Puistotie 3)
  • Rewarding bonus system for loyal customers. Register an account and start accumulating bonus credits: https://www.retrogametycoon.com/pages/club-retrogametycoon/
  • E-mail: fast and friendly customer service
  • The staff have decades of experience in video games